is the scientific study of how brain function and human behavior are related

Neuropsychological assessment is a series of tests that are scientifically formulated to differentiate between normal and compromised cognitive skills


Ten reasons to perform a neuropsychological assessment:

1] Determine if the person is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease

2] Determine if the person is suffering from another form of dementia

3] Assess cognitive skills following brain surgery

4] Assess cognitive skills following trauma to the brain

5] Evaluation of competency

6] Assist with placement decisions

7] Diagnosis and treatment of concurrent psychiatric conditions

8] Specific behavioral instructions for both the patient and family

9] Assess need for hospitalization and coordination of care

10] Medication recommendations for consulting physicians


Dr. Holzmacher is a psychologist with over twenty years of training and experience as a specialist in neuropsychology


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Neuropsychological assessment and treatment helps the patient and family understand the functional implications of a diagnosis, promoting recovery and acceptance.  Senile dementia, stroke and other causes of brain dysfunction may become physically and emotionally debilitating to both the patient and their loved ones.  The neuropsychological assessment delves into the patient’s capabilities and potential for recovery; assisting both the patient and family in coping with the changes through behavioral and medical recommendations.


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