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Too busy to see a psychologist at their office?  Too far from Orlando to make the drive?  It is easy to schedule an Internet appointment with Dr. Holzmacher.  Merely complete the contact form below, and suggest a time for the consult.  The Notes Regarding Online Purchases, located below the contact form, should answer most questions about this unique service.  Most importantly, relax.  No information will be retained by this website for merely expressing interest, and that is a promise.  Confidentiality is the cornerstone of psychotherapy.


Finding the right psychologist is not an easy task, and should not be made in haste.  It takes courage and persistence to surmount problems.  Feel good knowing that you are gathering information to make an important decision, and not putting off problems for another day.  Feel pride in taking a huge step on the way to wellness-making the first appointment.






Online Psychotherapy with Dr. Holzmacher.  The session lasts 50 minutes. Please complete the contact form below to schedule and provide informed consent.


Office Psychotherapy with Dr. Holzmacher. The session lasts 50 minutes. Please complete the contact form below to schedule and provide informed consent.


Neuropsychological Testing with Dr. Holzmacher. Please complete the form below to schedule and provide informed consent.  The total number of hours required for the testing needs to be approved by Dr. Holzmacher.


Psychological Testing with Dr. Holzmacher. Please complete the contact form below to schedule and provide informed consent.  The total number of hours required for the testing needs to be approved by Dr. Holzmacher.

Click here to pay for a Diagnostic Interview

A Diagnostic Interview with Dr. Holzmacher.  The interview lasts 50 minutes. Please complete the contact form below to schedule and provide informed consent.


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Submitting this form to Dr. Holzmacher certifies that you have read the Terms of Use, as well as the Notes Regarding Online Purchases, and agree to these terms and conditions. It is not necessary to leave a message to confirm your acceptance of treatment, as the choice of subject line will make your preference clear. Comments regarding scheduling, preferred methods to contact and payment are always welcome. Please note that this contact form is completely confidential.

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Notes Regarding Online Purchases & Office Visits

Payment for other professional services, rendered in the office, may be made on this page as well.  The “Add to Cart” buttons make a secure connection to the PayPal system, allowing the purchase of multiple testing hours and even psychotherapy appointments.  Please give Dr. Holzmacher at least 24 hours notice of any change or cancellation of your appointment, for both online and office visits. Online patients forfeit their payment if  appropriate notice is not provided. Office and facility patients must give 24 hour notice when cancelling or changing an appointment.  A fee of $80 will be charged.  If the fee is not paid within 14 days, another $20 fee will be added to offset collection efforts.  Please review the Terms of Use prior to making an online or office appointment.  It contains helpful information about confidentiality and the maintenance of clinical records.

Please use the initial contact form to schedule an appointment, or click on this red link to E-mail Dr. Holzmacher with preferred times for the session.  If there is any difficulty with the e-commerce payment system, please contact Dr. Holzmacher as soon as possible with the exact nature of the problem.  We are committed to fairness of payment, and will correct any error as soon as possible.  You may click on the following Skype Link to download the free software.   The software is easy to install and is a powerful avenue of communication.  It must be installed before a scheduled online session.  Currently, the online therapy is only available to Florida and Illinois residents.

Insurance reimbursement may be available for the online therapy, but Dr. Holzmacher does not guarantee that it will be compensated by an insurance carrier.  Dr. Holzmacher will not file insurance claims on behalf of online psychotherapy patients, but will provide a diagnosis by e-mail.  The diagnosis and office information should be sufficient for most insurance companies to consider the claim.  For patients who come to the office in Orlando, each patient is considered individually, due to the complex nature of health insurance.  Dr. Holzmacher currently serves as a Medicare & Blue Cross/Blue Shield provider.

Dr. Holzmacher believes that current advances in digital technology offer valuable solutions for both the patient and psychologist.  Psychotherapy over the telephone has been performed for many years, and even occasionally requested by insurance companies.  Advances in videoconferencing on the internet have made a greater depth of therapeutic communication possible.  Similar to a psychotherapy session conducted in person, particular ground rules are necessary.  Most people are familiar with the basics, which are reasonably consistent across states.  For example, most people think about suicide at some point in their lives, but formulating a plan to do so is another matter entirely.  Dr. Holzmacher advises anyone with a plan and intent to commit suicide to call 911 without delay. At the very minimum, call a suicide hotline that is listed in your local phone book.  Similarly, most of us have had bouts of anger that can prove embarrassing, both to ourselves, as well as to others.  Anger management techniques can be highly effective for improving one’s personal and professional life.  While most of us have entertained hostile thoughts, planning to harm or kill someone else is another matter entirely.  Unfortunately, therapy has proven to be ineffective for treatment of antisocial personalities.  Enforced or willful abstinence from psychopathic behavior is the only effective therapeutic action.  Lastly, while Dr. Holzmacher has received training in the treatment of substance abuse, it is not a focus of this website or his practice.  Dr. Holzmacher recommends contacting one of the many laudable Alcoholic’s Anonymous-type groups available in every region of the country.


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